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Las Vegas real estate has boggled buyers and sellers alike since 2002 when the market got so hot all you had to do was get a mortgage on ANY property and within 24 months sell it for nearly TWICE what you paid for it. Simply pay off the first mortgage and put the 100% profit down on an even bigger mansion, rinse and repeat till you get rich. Many did it. Here's our list of real estate articles to read more or drill down to a specific article.


One of my friends bought 2 condos and 18 months later sold ONE of them and made so much profit she was able to pay off the one she still had. Now she lives debt free in a strip front $900,000 30th floor luxury condo. Fast forward to today and things have reversed in the first time buyers favor.

This Lake Las Vegas photo shows the home where hundreds of celebrities and rich folk alike live in a desert paradise. The deals are now astonishing. We shopped for 19 months. Then I bought a brand new 2000 square foot custom golf community home loaded with options for $230,000 located in Mountain Falls Pahrump Nevada only 40 miles over the mountain from Vegas! The builder paid for and handled the closing, got me financed, closed and moved in. DONE in 26 days from the first day we saw the house! Sweet.

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The best thing about Las Vegas real estate is everyone wins here. Seriously. All the money spent by billions of visitors every year in this desert oasis in the casinos, by tourists and convention goers alike, is used to pay for incredible infrastructure.

Picture of Las Vegas condos and mountain vistas


From stunning desert plains surrounding the valley to heart stopping skyscraper photos Vegas cannot be equaled here in the United States.

There are even amazing deals available if you don't want to relocate to Las Vegas but would like to buy vacation real estate property here.

Many of the upscale resorts in Vegas are offering unbeatable prices on luxury timeshares, fractionals, and condominiums, and by purchasing timeshare resales directly from an owner you can save thousands of dollars more. Really.

And with locations on or just a few blocks off the Strip, like the Summer Bay Resort Las Vegas, these resorts ideally situate you to enjoy the best casinos, shows, and attractions Sin City has to offer. It’s a good idea to look online first before purchasing directly from the resort.

From giant nightclubs that take in 4,000 visitors a night to over 3,000 restaurants and bars; from live concerts and shows every night year round, to hiking desert plains through craggy rocks to hidden hot springs: from the worlds largest shopping malls to the wildest pool parties you have ever seen, there is something here for everyone. From stripfront skyscrapers to massive lake front homes to cliff mounted castles and small tidy homes all over the valley: everyone has something to fit their needs affordably. Don't be left out. Contact the companies listed on this page about Las Vegas real estate.

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